Elastixworld 2014 - OpenVox

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              1. Elastixworld 2014

                Elastixworld 2014

                Date: 29-30 October 2014
                Location: Santiago Hotel W
                Booth: Platinum Sponsor

                ElastixWorld was born as a project that brings together the most important actors in the world of telephony, voice over IP and unified communications. It is the ideal place for end users, partners, resellers, integrators, manufacturers and developers to have the opportunity to share experiences, showcase new products, and open new business opportunities between the Latin American community and the world.

                OpenVox has important business with Elastix for a long time. In this year, OpenVox, first as a platinum sponsor, will attend the big event to bring you the best effective open source products based on Asterisk.

                For more info, please visit.

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